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Dr Damir Arsenijevic’s Open Lecture Series:

2nd Open Lecture, Saturday, 6 June, 13:00



Living in ‘interesting times’


What happens when a technological revolution means that young people leap over their ‘elders and betters’ to become the most proficient users of the new tools it offers – reversing norms, to make the inheritors of the future the teachers and the guides of the present holders of power?


What happens when the legacy of those who have had the stewardship of the world – its resources, economy, governance, culture, legislation, productivity, ideology – holds out a ‘featureless future’ to the majority of the next generation?


What happens when the metaphorical ‘tectonic plates’ of history shift inexorably and irrevocably, dramatically shifting the axes of power and of problems? 


What will you do, individually and collectively, when all of these combine into the conditions that may produce a ‘perfect storm’, presaging rapid and overwhelming quantitative and qualitative change?



Talking topic: Ms Tag McEntegart, Executive Director, International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP), UK

Studentski plenum - Slobodni Univerzitet
04/06/2009 11:53